User Onboarding Funnel Dashboard by Varun Jain

User Onboarding is an important process in an online B2C Business. Conversion of Users from signup to revenue-generation activities (called activation) is considered one of the most important KPIs, and the understanding of user conversion and drop-off in different stages of the onboarding funnel is crucial for improvement in the said funnel.

The dashboard provides both an eagle-eye and detailed look into the user conversion and the onboarding funnel. While the "Overview" screen provides a glimpse into the most important conversion metrics and their behavior across age groups and states of residence, the "Funnel View" Screen provides a deep-dive into the Onboarding Funnel - where the user can dig deep into each funnel stage or explore the funnel as a whole to uncover crucial drop-offs points. These insights are extremely helpful in the identification of bottlenecks or operation failure and can lead to steps leading to improvement in some stages in the funnel or the funnel as a whole.

The dashboard is visually appealing and clean, and it boasts all the basic UX principles to make it easy to understand and digest, despite it being packed with information and data. A helpful navigation menu provides much-needed context and also acts as a how-to guide for the users.