Design DNA: Uncover Innovation in Patent Data by Imagine X lab, Hanyang University

hrough the prism of a patent professional, data analyst, and designer, Imagine X Lab team and partners develop new initiatives that demystify the complexity of design IP (Intellectual Property), and elucidate hidden patterns trends, and connections between technologies, designs, and individuals in their respective businesses.

A series of patent network maps discover the different shapes of their innovation activities and shed light on the underlying value of design in their product diversification strategies, design-technology pollination flows, and collaboration patterns, with cases from renowned companies Adobe, Apple, Bose, Dyson, Samsung, LG Electronics, and more.

The Imagine X Lab is an interdisciplinary team based at the Graduate School of Technology and Innovation Management, Hanyang University, Seoul working at the intersection of IP management, Data science, and Design Management, in partnership with the Korean Intellectual Property Office, and private IP Data service providers WIPS and KwangGae to Patent & Law Office.