Client Performance Monitoring by Maryia Maziuk

The interactive dashboard helps identify the best and worst performing clients in the current period and overall. The dot-dash-plot together with the highlight table at the bottom provide an overview of the distribution of the clients by metrics of interest, the highlight feature on selection on the plot and grouped sorting on the table make it easy to connect the two vizes together.

The main features of the dashboard:
1. Dot-dash-plot usage example for BI: the concept of dot-dash-plot is borrowed from the classic book "The Visual Display of Quantitative Information" by Edward Tufte: a bivariate scatterplot framed with the distribution of each variable instead of axis rulers. 
2. Dynamic selection for X and Y axis on the scatter plot: change the distribution metrics for axis of the scatter plot and strip plots.
3. Highlight action on selection for dots (partners) on the scatterplot: highlighted partners are listed first on the highlight table with color indicators.

The recommended workflow:
1. Overview the summary of clients with current sales.
2. Identify clients with highest potential based on a custom pair of metrics on the dot-dash-plot and filters by metric applied.
3. Highlight the clients of interest on the scatterplot.
4. Evaluate metrics for the highlighted clients on the bottom table.