NHS Hospital Admitted Patient Care Activity by Pradeep Kumar G

This data visualization represents the admitted patient care activity in English NHS hospitals and English NHS-commissioned activity in the independent sector during 2019-2020. This dashboard analyses the number of admissions and episodes during the period, with several breakdowns including by patient's age, gender, diagnosis, length of stay, waiting time and admission type. With the help of interactive design and easily readable charts, the authorities can quickly gain insights about healthcare metrics and patient care activities to improve the operations and quality of care.


Some of the key observations include: (a) General medicine had the highest number of admissions at 14%. (b) More than 35% of total admissions were emergency cases. (c) The mean age of patients admitted was around 54 years old. (d) The Pareto chart shows that 80% of patients were admitted to only 14 out of 85 specialities, which include general medicine and general surgery.