How Would Your Child`s Life Story Unfold in a Different Country? by Edit Gyenge

This interactive narrative aims to illustrate the contrasting disparities in the lives and opportunities of children in Eastern and Western Europe, using the metaphor of children's books. Not all children have the privilege of starting life on an even playing field, even within the confines of the European Union's borders. The question of how much a child's journey is influenced by their country of birth within the EU raises an urgent query: What prospects lie ahead as they set forth on life's uncertain path, and which nation presents the most adverse conditions?
A child's birthplace holds a pivotal role in shaping the course of their life. It can determine whether they face a challenging beginning akin to the "Little Match Girl," struggling to survive without sufficient resources. They might also confront a life marked by poverty, reminiscent of Oliver Twist. Some children find themselves in situations akin to Cinderella's, growing up without parents and yearning for a better life. Conversely, there are those like Heidi, nurtured by loving grandparents, experiencing their formative years under their parents' guidance.
Each country assigns significance to distinct qualities and facets deemed crucial in life. Drawing inspiration from an extensive study called the World Values Survey, the story embarks on a journey through the lives of children from diverse representative European countries. The goal is to observe how their parents influence their cultural and social development from an early age.