Data Meditations: An Abstract Koi Pond by Kristin Henry

What is the relationship between art + tech + death + life?

Data Meditations: An Abstract Koi Pond explores these questions. Created by Kristin Henry and produced in collaboration with Reimagine End of LIfe and Codame Art + Tech Festival, this data art installation debuts at GitHub San Francisco during the Codame Art + Tech Festival (October 25-27, 2019).

In the code driven data art installation, abstract koi fish slowly swim through a projected pond. Each fish is shaped from an individual’s response to three questions: How Appreciative are You? How Connected to Community are You? How Comfortable are You with Acknowledging your Impermanence and Talking about Death?

As the fish swim, they periodically release remembrance bubbles with the names of loved ones.

The result is a slowly moving meditation on memory, temporality, and technology.

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    Rosalie Barnes Rosalie Barnes explores the intersection of art and end of life through toys, technology, and stories. She served as the manager and key collaborator for Kristin Henry’s Data Meditations Project.
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