How well do US remakes of foreign shows perform? Spoiler alert, no so much ... by NA

There have been quite many US remakes from foreign originals but do they perform better than the originals?

To examine this, I used the shows listed in the Wikipedia tables of the US remakes of UK shows and foreign shows, scraped the available IMDb links from their corresponding Wikipedia pages. Then using the IMDb URLs, I obtained the ratings (scores) data using imdbpy.

Generally, US remakes perform much worse than the foreign originals in terms of IMDb scores, for both TV series, as well as reality-like shows (like Dancing with the stars), except for some popular shows (eg. The Office, House of Cards or Pop idol, i.e. American Idol). Plus, popularity, here measured by the number of votes for IMDb ratings, seems roughly more intense for original shows. There is a positive relationship between score difference and popularity difference as well.