Garden of Possibility Star Map by n/a

How High We Go in the Dark is a novel by Sequoia Nagamatsu. Told through interconnected short stories, this book follows a climate-induced global pandemic over thousands of years, exploring themes of family, grief, regret, and hope. We had each read this book before and bonded over our shared enthusiasm for it. We decided to re-read the book together, track the character appearances, and visualize the overlaps. This resulting visualization depicts every single character that appears in How High We Go in the Dark, each represented by a star in our imaginary galaxy, with one constellation per story. The connections between the characters and stories throughout the novel are represented by the dashed lines. We enjoyed finding lots of ways to incorporate elements and themes from the books in our design. We were even inspired by Nagamatsu to drop our own “cosmic easter eggs” into the viz with the shape of our constellations!