Jack the Checker by Evelyn Münster

How the robot Jack the Checker can help insurance companies with invoice audit.

Insurance companies get lots of invoices that they ought to check for errors before they pay. This audit is a cost-intensive manual process done by experts.
The AI robot Jack the Checker can help with this process and reduce the amount of manual work.

However the insurance companies were reluctant to use Jack the Checker, because the stakeholders did not see how a bot that is making errors can actually be trusted. Also, they didn't understand the process at all which led to confusion and even more distrust.

I created this video (and the associated dashboard) in order to explain the complex AI process and to show how to interpret the resulting data.
Using a character, a strong narrative and a step-by-step construction of a data visualization, this animated video manages to explain the so-called "confusion matrix" to business people and even my to 10 year old son.

The video enabled my client to actually build trust in their AI product and position it successfully in the marketplace.

For ideation, I used Chart Doktor's data design strategy, consisting of three steps: the why, the what and the how. I think that getting clear on the why, i.e. the exact data questions this video should answer, was crucial for the end result.

This animated video is a rather unusual data visualization form for me. I typically design dashboards and data products. Nonetheless, I did all the drawings and animations myself.

What's the takeaway? I think we should add more often explainer videos to our dashboards. They can be quite powerful!