Data visualization by Sufi

Data name: Gantt Chart for Project management (Version 5)
This is high Quality Gantt chart.
The purpose is to:
1.To track project progress
2.To know status
3.To inform and give informed decision
4.Easy and convenient to enter data
5.Automatically generate Gantt chart
6.Simple to update by month
7.Convenient to share to teams
8.Support to follow up project /programs
9.Let the team to know activity as a team
10.Keep data quality
* Printable on monthly/quarterly/annual

For whom?
This is recommended for:
1.Project/program managers
2.Project/program team
3.M&E coordinators/lead
4.MEAL staff/M&E staff
5.Team Coordinators
6.Business owners
7.Anyone who want to track some activity.

How to use and insert data: User instruction:
1 Insert Activity
2 Insert task start date
3 Insert duration
4 End date-Automatic
5 Status: select from drop down list
6 It generates Gantt chart schedule
7 Save the data
8 You can use for monthly tracking
9 You can select date from highlight -automatically moves
Print and use : Share to team, post for team, filing

Second Project:
COVID-19-Poster Protection measures:

This COVID-19 poster “protection measures” which is print-ready and can be used for training with PowerPoint and moving on the slide and entice your audience, deliver wonderful message both visually and with caption.
This Poster is:
1. Print-ready
2. Can be used in PowerPoint and automatically move across slide when put on slideshow
3. Entice your audience
4. Deliver clear message
5. Transmit message effectively
6. Handy and simple to use for training
7. Easy and simple to create awareness for public
8. It is available in three forms Poster, PowerPoint, and PDF
Third Project:
Data name: Wedding congratulation, Eid Mubarak Gift, Happy birthday gift and flower gift.
The purpose is to:
1.To congratulate on wedding ceremony
2.To congratulate on Eid day, to wish Ramadan Kareem and celebrate Eid-Al fitr
3.To wish happy birthday to family members and friends and give gifts
4. Happy birthday anniversaries
5. To Give flower gift that matched with receiver`s photo.
The designs are created by using royalty free items and designed using Canva. In addition, different techniques such as animation, combination, color matching and font styles are used. The items are presented in mp4-video, PNG or PDF.