Investment Diversification: What's in the FTSE Vanguard Global All Cap Index Fund? by Katie Donegan

This chart visualises the entirety of companies comprising the FTSE Vanguard Global All Cap fund, a passive index fund comprised of large, mid-sized and small company shares in developed and emerging markets worldwide. This visualisation is split by country, so you can easily see the proportion of each country's economy within the fund. Each rectangle represents a company, colour-coded and grouped by country. Hovering over each of these rectangles will display the company name, the name of the country where it's registered, and the percentage of the fund that the company represents. You can exclude or only display those pieces of data by clicking on any element of visualised data or within the legend below. This tool lets an FTSE Vanguard Global All Cap fund investor know exactly what they own and where it's from!

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