Asana Project Management Swift by Playfair Data

The Asana PM Swift sources data from the project management software, Asana, for a dashboard to help teams view their workload at a glance. As businesses and teams face increasingly complex challenges, the need for data-driven insights and streamlined project tracking has never been more critical. This dashboard was born out of a practical need by our team to improve efficiency. By providing this holistic view, users can now immediately understand the scope of their workload and make course corrections for optimization.

This dashboard features a novel chart developed by the Playfair Data team, the Pilula (a.k.a. "Dr. Mario"), which helps users understand workload patterns and team member capacity trends. Additionally, users can gain a comprehensive understanding of individual team member contributions with clickable team member cards. These cards provide detailed insight into potential overloads alongside team members with available capacity, helping to facilitate a culture of collaboration and accountability. Additionally, users can select individual projects and tasks to see detailed data on-demand, including the practical "Voids" report, which displays which tasks have incomplete data requiring attention.

With the Asana PM Swift, project managers can make full use of their resources with advanced filtering options like customizable sprint duration and start dates to analyze team performance over specific timeframes. Whether conducting sprint reviews or strategizing for the future, users also have the choice to track progress using story points or hours according to their Asana preferences. This level of flexibility ensures users' goals and project management style aligns with their team's preferences and methodologies, enhancing adoption and efficiency on the path to goal completion.