Biota Beats by Sara Sprinkhuizen

Biota Beats is a microbial record player - converting the rich information of the human microbiome into sounds and visuals. Biota Beats explores the interface between art and science: through music and interactive visualizations, information about something as personal and yet invisible as our microbiome is communicated.

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    Street Bio team, EMW bookstore, Cambridge, MA, USA, MIT Media Lab - Principal Investigator - David Sun Kong; Sonification - Alex Guo, Gautam Salhotra; Music Production - Chucky Kim; Data Vizualisation - Sara Sprinkhuizen; Co-Creators - Keerthi Shetty, Thrasyvoulos Karydis, Ani Liu, Russell Pasetes, Nicole Bakker, Shannon Johnson, Matt Mendoza, Mary Tsang, Yixiao Jiang, Viirj Kan, Rachel Smith; Designer Charis Tsevis
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