The Wonderwall: Digital Generative Content Installation At Intel HQ by 2LK Design

Intel asked us to devise a permanent experiential digital installation in the lobby of its headquarters at Robert Noyce Building in California.

Enter The Wonderwall. Designed with living data at its core, this experience is responsive to its surroundings and reactive to a range of data inputs: long range movement, voice and touch. At its heart is a powerful and flexible visual software tool that enables the creation of captivating data-led graphics and messaging in real-time.

Unique to Intel and bespoke for the space, this cutting-edge, generative digital experience intersects art, technology and data. Data is no longer just a function of information. It’s a vibrant expression of connectivity and human interaction. The infinite stream of engaging, unexpected and reactive content gives invisible data a vivid and visible existence.

The entrant has supplied multiple files for this work:

[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]

The Wonderwall enhances the HQ arrival experience by converting visitors from passive to active. It’s immediate and arresting, with constant content streams offering unique visuals to each visitor.

The space itself has two large format digital ‘canvasses’, each with a different spatial characteristic and each requiring unique content feeds. ‘The Skylight’ is a huge five-sided screen arranged as an inverted cube and suspended just above head height. The ‘Storywall’ is an 8m long screen beside the main entrance – every visitor passes right next to this.

A broad demographic of visitors passes through Intel’s lobby: C-suite executive customers on singular visits, thousands of staff on a daily basis, and even hundreds of children on school trips to the adjoining Intel museum. We’ve designed the software to modulate throughout the day to reflect the levels of foot traffic and to generate content that appeals on multiple levels whilst remaining simple, rewarding and playful.

What really sets this experience apart is that it’s built to grow, adapt and aggregate. The generative nature means that the installation can be used to create “data vignettes” that celebrate/promote topical happenings such as a ‘Pride takeover’ and Intel’s 50th anniversary celebrations.

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