Say "Cheese" with your Chart by London College of Communication

This book is based on the Financial Times Visual Vocabulary and organises 74 charts into 9 categories, providing a practical handbook for beginners in data visualisation. The book's title, "Say 'Cheese' with your Chart," aligns with the common phrase used to make people smile in photographs. Similarly, we intend for readers to feel satisfied with their chart choices and leave with a smile after reading this book.
To facilitate quick referencing, we have designed semicircular openings along the edges of the book, conveying the understanding and level of making difficulty for each chart. The book is printed on entirely yellow pages and, coupled with the semicircular openings, resembles a block of cheese when standing upright.
Behind the introduction pages of each chart type, we provide corresponding examples to help readers better understand how to use these charts. The datasets for these examples are sourced from our imagined "Cheeseland," allowing readers to use the book as a practical handbook while also enjoying the stories woven within.
Whether turning the book into a block of cheese or the content we've written about Cheeseland, the purpose is to make this publication more engaging. We not only hope it can serve as a tool for data visualisation designers but also as a project that inspires more people to understand the field of data visualisation.

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