C°F Weather Charts by CLEVER°FRANKE

CLEVER°FRANKE has investigated the weather through a series of visual experiments, resulting in a poster; the Weather Chart. The 5th and final edition, completes the entire series with an exploration of the impact of the weather on our lives. Each chart is an experiment to push the boundaries of what is possible with open data, data science, visual design, and printing techniques.The Weather Chart as a series a decade in the making, captures the evolution of data visualization.

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    Creative Direction; Gert Franke, Thomas Clever; Data Analysis; Agathe Lenclen, Wilco Tomassen, Lude Franke; Visual Design; Bas van der Burgh, Pietro Lodi, Agathe Lenclen; Copywriting; Earl Singh, Toni Bellanca, Iris Grimm; Project Management; Karmen Kekic, Elwin Beekman; Testing & Quality Assurance; CLEVER°FRANKE team, Arran Ridley PARTNERS & SUPPORT City of Chicago Tom Schenk Jr. - Director Chicago Open data Lifelines; Bas Bolmer - Data manager; Jackie Degen - Project Manager at UMCG; Sipko van Dam - Researcher at UMCG Studio Bereikbaar Roland Kager - Data analyst University of Groningen Govert Schoof - Project Manager Geografische Informatie Systemen Zwaan Printmedia Pascal Pels - Print management Mudmotion Niels Mud - Weather Chart case video Gerrit Schreurs - Photography
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