Stories of the Longlist

Broaden your mind with the 2018 Longlist's diverse array of subjects. Explore space; see women's issues in new ways; and get a glimpse at the facts behind energy & emissions. Here are some of the biggest topics artists, coders and data journalists took on this year.

Women & Girls

Gender inequality was a major theme, with entries exploring wage disparity and the inadequacy of women's pockets. One fascinating submission shows how gender representation has shifted among different occupations - with another reminding us that gender disparity isn't limited just to the workplace.



The final frontier inspired apps to track the movements of the sun, viz to tour around the solar system, and images asking if others are out there.


Fuel, Energy, & Emissions

The sticky subject of maritime oil disasters is one of many entries on the impact of fossil fuels and filling up your car. One imaginative and wonderfully detailed educational environmental piece takes the form of a colouring book.



When you see the facts before your very eyes it's clear that climate change effects global temperatures. One unique physical installation, rendered in moss, is designed to show that Europeans are not immune from extreme weather.

Cities & Population Centres

As population growth in certain countries drives rates of city expansion, life in the metropolis is capturing the imagination of numerous visualizers, such as this piece about work and rest in Zagreb.


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