The Winners: Special Awards

Discover the winners of our 5 special prizes, awarding significant accomplishment from studios and individuals, honouring the public’s most-voted pieces, and recognising the best graphics created in a language other than English.


Studio of the Year

Density Design for works including On Their Way: the Journey of Foreign Fighters & The Point Of No Return - How the world is adapting to climate change


Visitor’s Vote


The Annual Report of the ERGO Hestia Group, "Network" by Hannah Dyrcz

A range of data visualizations depicting diverse phenomena and processes within the company.



Viz for Social Good by Chloe Tseng

Empowering mission-driven organizations & increasing awareness of social issues.


BRONZE (tied)

Han Chinese Opera by Peijie Li

A visual introduction to the history & significance of Han Opera.


BRONZE (tied)

Surfing in Italy by Stefania Guerra, Michela Lazzaroni

Analysing the best surfing spots on the Italian coastline.


Outstanding Individual

Nadieh Bremer for works including Data Sketches in Twelve Installments & Why Are so Many Babies Born around 8:00 A.M.?


Rising Star

GOLD ($1000)

Jory Fleming for works including Gerrymandering: A Nation Divided, but Who's Drawing the Lines?


SILVER ($500)

Amy Cesal for works including 50/30/20: Income and financial stability in America


BRONZE ($250)

Nam Wook Kim for works including Data Driven Guides



Giacomo Flaim for works including Are you sure you want to smoke?


Best Non-English Language Viz

GOLD ($1000)

Berlin Marathon 2016: how fast your city runs by Berliner Morgenpost (German)

An interactive map allowing users to follow the Berlin Marathon in time-lapse.


SILVER ($500)

Women Farmers in the Loneliness of Onion Fields by Agnès Stienne, VisionsCarto (French)

Mapping how many women are active in agriculture across the globe.


BRONZE (tied - $250)

Creation of a Thangka by Zhu Tianhang (Chinese)

A comprehensive guide to this traditional artform.


BRONZE (tied - $250)

All the government barbeques by Rodrigo Menegat (Portugese)

How many steakhouse dinners have public funds paid for over 7yrs?


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