Stories of the Shortlist

Some important topics have really grabbed the imagination of creators this year – explore key stories with shortlisted examples from each below:


Terror, war & violence


Want to fix gun violence in America? Go local by The Guardian

Dead on Arrival by Reuters

On Their Way: the Journey of Foreign Fighters by DensityDesign Lab





How a Melting Arctic Changes Everything by Bloomberg Graphics

The Point Of No Return - How the world is adapting to climate change by DensityDesign Lab


Government, elections, presidents & politics

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The Electoral College misrepresents every state, but not as much as you may think by The Washington Post

Gerrymandering: A Nation Divided, but Who's Drawing the Lines? By Jory Fleming




How popular is Donald Trump? By FiveThirtyEight

10,000 words ranked according to their Trumpiness by Quartz

Hip-Hop Is Turning On Donald Trump By FiveThirtyEight



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The Unlikely Odds of Making it Big by The Pudding

OddityViz – a visual deconstruction of Space Oddity by Miriam Quick & Valentina D’Efilippo

Han Chinese Opera by Peijie Li

An Interactive Visualization of Every Line in Hamilton by Shirley Wu

Hip-Hop Is Turning On Donald Trump By FiveThirtyEight


Personal data / quantified self

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How are you today? By Zeit Online

Life in Clay by Alice Thudt


Trolling & cyberbullying

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Cyberbullying and Hate Speech by Brandwatch / Ditch the Label

What’s it like to get trolled all day long? By Harry Stevens & Piyush Aggarwal



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Farmers in the Loneliness of Onion Fields by Agnès Stienne, VisionsCarto

Global Gender Gap Report Browser by WEC, Two-N

Beyond XX and YY: Visualizing Sex and Gender by Pitch Interactive

 City of Women by Rebecca Solnit

Analyzing the Gender Representation of 34,476 Comic Book Characters by The Pudding


Creative visualizations rendered in unusual ways


AtF Spark - Code-free Sparkline Typeface by After the Flood

 Are you sure you want to smoke? By Giacomo Flaim, Politecnico of Milan

Life in Clay by Alice Thudt


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