A brand new take on the IIB Awards, starting Weds 31 May 2017

In celebration of our sixth year - and the increasing importance of data visualization - we're upgrading for 2017 with an awesome relaunch.  

Some big changes are on the way, the first being that we're retooling categories by subject. So whether your work is an infographic, an interactive or any other kind of information art, our judges will be testing how well the piece illuminates the topic.



There are now 8 categories:

  • Arts, Entertainment & Pop Culture - anything inspired by culture high or low, including music, movies, books, art & more
  • Current Affairs & Politics - works on news, politics, finance & economics
  • Corporate / Retail / Brands - graphics produced by, for or about companies 
  • Environments & Maps - pieces on the natural & built environment, plus any map that doesn't fit into other categories
  • Humanitarian / Global - graphics on NGOs, aid, welfare & global issues including natural or man-made disasters
  • Science & Technology - images on technology, science, medicine or health
  • Sports & Games - works on the subject of sports, games & leisure activities
  • Unusual - can't find a category that matches your work? Enter it here. Please note our team may reallocate some entries


Start collecting work created from May 2016 to September 2017, register on our site for alerts and save the date! 

Submissions open Weds 31 May and close at 23:59 PST Friday 8 September.

A panel of judges and a public vote on all 8 categories will decide who shares in our prize pot of over $20,000. All shortlisted entrants get a free pair of invites to our lavish London party.

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Watch the video of our 2016 ceremony. See anyone you know? This year, the Awards could be celebrating your work.

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