Synthetic Landscapes by DensityDesign Research Lab - Politecnico di MIlano

"Synthetic Landscapes" is an immersive multimedia installation featured at La Biennale di Venezia 2023. The exhibition draws a parallel between two regions: the Midwest in the U.S.A. and the Niger Delta, focusing on topics such as industrial extraction, landscape pollution, and biodiversity loss. This exhibition is composed of different artefacts, and each of these elements plays a crucial role in communicating a specific aspect of the broader narrative.

The DensityDesign Research Lab, in addition to overseeing the production of printed artefacts, designed two diagrammatic infographics that comprehensively depict the challenges faced by the local communities in Iowa and the Niger Delta. The provided data consisted of a series of interconnected pieces of information, which together compose a narrative depiction of each area. The aim was to create a unified narrative, explaining the causes and consequences of the current landscape in the Iowa and Niger Delta regions. From this, the decision was made to create a series of linked diagrams.

The outcome is two infographics, one for each landscape, combining qualitative and quantitative analyses. Although the two representations are narratively and stylistically independent, particular care has been taken to maintain a certain symmetry. Therefore, it is possible to correlate these two regions.

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