The mourning scarf by Couple

The Qatar World Cup was one of the darkest sports competitions of recent times. A competition where multiple human rights were violated and the conditions of its construction were inhumane. In fact, various news outlets around the world, estimated that more than 6,500 immigrant workers died during the construction of the stadiums.

For this reason and with the purpose of denouncing this situation so that it does not happen again. We created a soccer scarf that visualizes the more than 6,500 deaths that have occurred. The scarf is divided into 5 sections, one for each nationality of the affected workers. In each segment the density of these deaths is shown through black dots.

This visualization is much more than that since it transforms the data into a message. A message of respect and mourning towards all the deceased people. A symbol that encourages people to be part of the team that we should all be fans of, human rights. We hope that, in the next World Cup, human rights will be the team that wins the cup.