Embroidered snapshot of communication by individual

Why not combine my love of data with my love of sewing and embroidery? Creating an embroidered viz has been on my list for awhile, so I decided to create a personal project that shows a snapshot of 90 days of communication between me and my partner. We are constantly communicating, and I wanted to see just how much, and create something meaningful.

I assigned symbols to five different communication types (text/messaging, phone, FaceTime, in-person, and handwritten notes), and then recorded Y/N each day for if that type of communication occurred. To display them, I created a “calendar” of sorts — a 7-cell-wide grid to represent a week – embroidered onto fabric. I then filled each box with an embroidered symbol for each communication type that occurred that day. This took way longer than I anticipated. Once the visualization was complete, I sewed it into a throw pillow. The result: an abstract pillow with more meaning in it than first appears.

About the artist: Molly Morgan is a data visualizer, product designer, and artist, who likes to explore different mediums and is inspired by small observations in her everyday environment (specifically outside!). She loves and has always loved creating – whether through embroidery, data art, sewing, drawing, designing, painting, collaging, or “making a mess.” She is energized by time outside, making lists, and talking all things creative with other people.