'2023 Thailand General Election' Reimagining data visualization: A new era for Thailand’s national election website by Boonmee Lab

The 2023 Thai general election on May 14 marked a crucial period for Thai democracy after nine years of military rule, with over 75% voter turnout, reflecting strong enthusiasm for change. The Nation’s general election 2023 website provides comprehensive information on the election, including live results, poll data, public opinions from social listening tools, related news, and the Thai election database, such as political parties and candidate profiles. The website utilizes a user-friendly interface featuring visualizations and infographics, ensuring accessibility for all. It places a strong emphasis on presenting information through innovative methods and media, aiming to provide a range of diverse perspectives.

Boonmee Lab has undertaken a remarkable reimagining across various presentations, introducing novel and intriguing elements through these three aspects:
1. Reimagine: Election map experience

The live election map results are divided into different views, including party scores, allowing users to seamlessly explore live updates ranging from the 2D country and regional levels, to detailed 3D constituency-level data. This innovative 3D interactive website marks the first time in Thailand that national election results are presented in such an engaging manner.

2. Reimagine: Online and live broadcasting presentation

The design seamlessly caters to a range of screen sizes, from desktops and tablets to mobile devices and even reporter screens, establishing its versatility as a suitable tool for television reporters as well. To enhance this adaptability, we've introduced an intuitive control panel, providing show producers with the means to seamlessly oversee on-screen content throughout television broadcasts.

3. Reimagine: Integrated election data in one place

Prior to the elections, the website has presented a Candidates Database featuring historical election records, analyses from reporters, and interactive polls conducted in two rounds.

On the day of the election, beyond utilizing map visualizations for reporting party-specific results, the following components are also presented:

- Election outcome data from 7 geographical regions, allowing for a comparative analysis of party vote proportions across each region.
- Categorization of fiercely contested constituencies based on the proportion of victorious candidates and runner-ups within the same constituencies.
- Offering insights into potential coalition government formations and the prime ministerial vote.

Throughout the election period in 2023, The Nation's website for the general election played a vital role in enhancing transparency, fostering public participation, and providing information access amid this pivotal time for Thai democracy. It garnered an audience of over 2 million people during the election days.