Harvard Engineering School Faculty Explorer by Jack Beckwith

Harvard’s Engineering School is one of the most collaborative, interdisciplinary institutions in the country. But how do you visually communicate that idea? Harvard Engineering and The DataFace worked together to build the Faculty Explorer, a data platform that aims to answer that question.

Users can learn more about the research interests of the Engineering School's faculty, their engagement with entities across Harvard, and the research collaborations within and across academic areas at our school. You can use the four interactive visualizations to find an advisor, collaborator, peer, or to simply visualize the interdisciplinary landscape at Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.

  • Credits
    The DataFace: Aria Todd - Designer Sam Vickars - Design Manager Sawyer Click - Data Viz Developer Arjun Kakkar - Data Viz Developer Michael Hester - Technology Director Jack Beckwith - Creative Director Harvard Engineering: Eliza Grinnell - Director of Marketing & Visual Communications Nhan Huynh - Research Associate Vittorio Bucchieri - Senior User Experience Jonathan Seitz - Technical Engineering Manager
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