Hello, birders! by Tongji University

The work extracts the trails of every birdwatcher from the data of 460,000 birdwatching footprints in Chongming. It captures the nationwide birdwatching footprints of opinion leaders or Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) in the Chongming birdwatching community, constructing a temporal and spatial map of the veteran birdwatchers' activities. By developing an interactive data visualization webpage, the beauty of data is maximized to enhance the effectiveness of interpersonal network communication, illustrating how to follow the veterans in birdwatching and activate regional birdwatching subcultural communities. Through interactive data visualization and data artistry, the work builds stories of birdwatchers, from panoramic views to close-ups. The four sections are: an overview of the nationwide footprints of Chongming veterans, a general profile of Chongming birdwatching, close-ups of Chongming birdwatchers, and an artistic identification of birdwatching. The project analyzes the portrait and spatiotemporal interest points of the birdwatching community from multiple perspectives, drawing webpage visitors to progressively follow the data canvas and experience birdwatching activities from different individual perspectives. This helps them appreciate the unique allure of birdwatching tourism and gain a deeper understanding of birds, birdwatchers, and popular birdwatching locations and times through data. It pioneers a new bottom-up, community-driven model for the development of Chongming's rural eco-tourism.