Languages of the World by stefan pullen

My proposed piece for 2023 IIB Awards is an interactive 3D data visualization project titled "Languages of the World".

With this project I want to challenge the norm and showcase that when executed properly, 3D graphics can captivate and engage your audience unlike anything else. By incorporating interactivity and animation, you can create a dynamic experience that can exceed the capabilities of a static graph.

My goal was to captivate the audience's attention by incorporating an initial playful animation, creating a sense of surprise. Following the animation, the audience is provided with the opportunity to interact with the visualization, fostering exploration and discovery. By strategically concealing certain details initially, the audience is encouraged to delve into the visualization independently. Subsequently, specific language details are unveiled through smooth animations, further immersing and delighting the audience.

The choice of language as the topic was driven by its broad general interest, intended to prompt the audience to search for their own language and compare it to others. The deliberate minimalistic approach to the visual elements ensures that users are not overwhelmed, enabling a seamless and enjoyable experience.

3D graphics are controversial because they often result in some form of data distortion, however I believe they excel in creating an engaging experience when accuracy is not the primary objective. By showcasing this project, I want to encourage the discussion about unorthodox approaches in information design.