Climate & Conflict by Moritz Stefaner / Truth & Beauty, Flavio Gortana, and Kaldera

What is the relation between climate change and violent conflicts? Which role do socio-economic scope conditions play in exacerbating climate impact? How can we allow analysts and policymaker to make better decisions — based on heterogenous, multi-faceted information sources?

In collaboration with the PREVIEW team at the German Federal Foreign Office, we set out to explore and visually explain the relationship between climate change and conflict. As part of the project, a consistent, expressive data design language was developed and first demonstrated in a web application introducing the topic to wider audiences.

The web application introduces the topic and methodology, helps to identify global hotspots and introduces a concrete case study.

A key piece is the global multi-layer map, which shows the overlaps between climate impact, scope conditions (unfavorable conditions increasing the likelihood of conflict) and existing conflicts.

This global view is complemented by an in-depth case study: the farmer-herder conflicts in the Sahel region. By unfolding the layers of influence step-by-step, we can explain in detail how the long-term effects of climate change can have adverse effects in already conflict ridden regions, or might even spark new conflicts.

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