IT MUST DISAPPEAR by Eduardo España


Spain has more leftover fascist symbols and monuments than any other country in the world, in both public and private spaces. And despite the fact that displaying such symbols is prohibited throughout the country, a lack of databases and commitment from local councils, as well as generational change, have meant that the legacy of Spain's fascist dictatorship is still very much present, shaping a cultural landscape that runs counter to democracy.


We created an interactive open data map, which allows the whole population to find information about illegal symbols and denounce their continued existence.
In this way, as people participate in this live virtual experience, an accurate and up-to-date database is be created, a powerful tool for action and knowledge.


After several months of research, over 6,000 emblems were geolocated. These are georeferenced and displayed on different maps using scrollitelling, IP location or exploratory navigation. The data is continuously updated and the database is free to download for all


Since publication, the database has increased in size by 25%, with data on 1,500 new symbols and updated information on existing ones, all thanks to the participation of private citizens and a number of institutions. What’s more, we have helped to remove more than 200 symbols and monuments. The Spanish Senate is currently using this virtual space as a tool for action.

In this way, we are not only creating a more democratic cultural landscape, but also contributing to societal healing and the preservation of the memory of the hundreds of thousands of victims left behind by the military dictatorship in our country.