Inter...what? Intersectionality! A visual introduction by Hannah Schwan with UCLAB / FH Potsdam

What is intersectionality? How are discrimination and privilege related? What does intersectional discrimination mean? These questions are addressed in the web-based article “Inter...what? Intersectionality! A visual introduction.” Using a combination of text, animated illustration, and interactive data visualization, it provides an introduction to the socially relevant topic of intersectional discrimination.

The text creates the framing for a scrollytelling article, and its additional translation into a customized visual language supports the communication of the issues. Case studies of intersectional discrimination in Germany are descriptively communicated by visualizing data from studies. The visual article provides thought-provoking impulses, inspires a change of perspective, and encourages further engagement and action. Selected context information of the project are additionally revealed, i.e., how it was done, who did it, and why it was done. Certain visualization decisions are made transparent and people involved visible. The project’s process is disclosed, the positions of the authors are communicated, and the project’s outcomes are critically reflected on. We designed and implemented specific visual interface elements aiming to embed this disclosure information into the article.