Roadkill Species in Taiwan by 亞洲大學 Asia University

For background color, I chose "red, black, white", which describe "blood, death, angel respectively. Then, the red line in the top of the picture looks like the flow of blood. Most importantly, the concentric circles are like the spinning wheels. Each circle represents the innocent loss of lives due to the accident. The number of deaths of these animals is not small, and the species are very diverse. If we do not pay attention to this problem in time, I am afraid that more innocent lives will be sacrificed.

My creative idea is concentric circles, the earth is round, and the wheels are also round, which means that the problem of road killing is global. I hope that not only Taiwan, but the whole world should pay attention to this problem. Drive vigilantly by erecting signboards. When driving on this road section, it is necessary to slow down the speed of the vehicle, set up a protective net to prevent animals from running on the road and be directly injured by vehicles, or set up a special animal passage for them to walk. These are all actions that are currently being implemented to protect their rights.