The diversity of sunlight by University of Art and Design Linz

>> Seeing, researching and comprehending <<

The phenomenon of the sun has fascinated mankind time and again, influencing their lives for over thousands of years. But how can the diversity of sunlight be visually represented in terms of temporal, spatial and geographical aspects?

This work presents information-based representations of solar diversity. The main goal is to communicate complex knowledge, to make the invisible visible and to encourage research.

For this extensive topic, data visualizations are a suitable method to illustrate that complex processes. Here, knowledge can be acquired through an intensive research itself, generating an own dataset, at the same time translating research into teaching and communicating on knowledge to others. The goal is to create a data poster series that is not only informative, but also visually appealing.

The result of this master thesis is a poster series in large format with the following content structure:

1st poster :: Heights and depths of the sun
(Illustrations: Determinations of the geographical points of the compass and the time changes, as well as the variety of forms of the sun's course).

2nd poster :: Long days – Long nights
(Illustrations: Analyses between daylight, twilight and night times)

3rd poster :: Diversity of the sun
(Illustrations: Similarities and differences of the diversity in focus on the twilight times, furthermore the different angles of the sun's course).