Barrio Salamanca / Salamanca neighborhood, in the bowels of the neighborhood where the rich have always wanted to live by El Confidencial

This article written and researched by Elena Sanz, portrays the history and current context of the most expensive neighborhood in Madrid (Spain): The Salamanca neighborhood. Together, the editor and the visual journalism section thought of a visual way of presenting the information, since almost all of it was related to geographic locations. Initially we thought about how to represent the geographic information and link it with the storytelling to help the editor land the idea. For this, we proposed an interactive visualization that would invite the reader to "travel" through its history and explanations. We carried out a storytelling hand in hand with the editor and we squared the story with the locations on the map and complemented some points with infographics and graphics. Darío Ojeda from the data team was in charge of processing the geographic and cadastre data to be able to represent in 3D the real heights of the buildings and the years of construction. We also work with the data of the nationality of the inhabitants, to see which nationalities had more properties in that area of Madrid. The design and infographics were made with Figma, Adobe Illustrator, Qgis and Mapbox. And the code part of the format to perform the interaction and responsiveness was done in html and javascript.