Sunlight Hours by Leanna McAlpine

How many daylight hours do we experience and how high does the sun reach in our sky? This piece reflects summer in the Southern Hemisphere and winter in the Northern Hemisphere. Each vertical bar represents one hour across Christmas Day in December. The wavy lines symbolise the amount of sunlight: the taller they reach, the higher the sun reaches in our sky.

I wanted to compare and contrast my hometown of Coffs Harbour, Australia and my current city of residence, Amsterdam, NL. It is a clear visual representation of the abundance of summer sunlight in Australia contrasted with the short days and winter darkness in Northern Europe.

This design was set with brass rules. Traditionally used for printing elements from frames to bank cheques, they range from simple straight or dotted lines to more intricate decorative forms.

DIMENSIONS — 250 x 350mm
PAPER STOCK — Fedrigoni Sirio Colour FSC® certified
2 COLOUR PRINT — Cyan and yellow with gold powder
LIMITED EDITION — Run of 60, each print signed and numbered
PACKAGING — Acid free, pH neutral pergamine sleeve with backing board. Wrapped in tissue paper and packed flat.
HAND PRINTED — 1965 Korrex Hannover Press at Letterpress Amsterdam

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