Off the Grid by Politecnico di Milano

The social media landscape is much broader than one might imagine. Behind the big giants, there are hundreds of social media that like to declare themselves alternative by offering an option to precise issues.
These platforms came about as a result of different needs to break away from the mainstream ones. Whether we talk about censorship, privacy policies, free speech or real connections, you can find a huge amount of social media where all these themes are discussed.
The aim of the whole project is to make it possible to understand the values of alternatives social media and consequently, those which define us the most as people immersed in an increasingly virtual society. Off the Grid is an auto narration of alternative social media through their own words and adjectives. It returns a clear photograph of the cultural needs of today's digital world, of this precise historical period, of all the interests and concerns that each of us, as user, has while navigating on their own laptop. It's a digital landscape of our online society in which we are intensively living and shaping our identity.