UNICEF Changing Childhood Project by CLEVER°FRANKE

In today’s rapidly changing world, the way children experience their surroundings is also changing fast. As the world is increasingly becoming more digital, globalized, and diverse, childhood is transforming with it.

To better understand shifts in today’s childhood, UNICEF and Gallup Inc. conducted a first-of-its-kind global survey that gives insights into how young people view our fast-changing world differently than their older counterparts. UNICEF surveyed 22.043 people in 21 countries around the world and asked us to turn lengthy survey results into meaningful and compelling stories.

With such a high-scope study, data visualizations were essential to lead the users on the journey of discovery. We were given large amounts of raw unstructured survey data. As a first step, we grouped survey results into themes to be able to move from data to meaning and create coherent stories.

We developed a microsite, which explores each survey theme and presents results as short micro-stories. The microsite offers an immersive, engaging and intuitive experience, guiding the user through the key findings from the survey. Each story captivates the user’s attention and creates a moment of learning and empathy.

Playfulness and colorfulness are major themes of the microsite. We set the design principles by looking into today’s internet usage trends as the website targets young people. For many teenagers, the use of the internet often consists of browsing and scrolling through fun, engaging, easy-to-digest content. To mirror these trends, our platform narrates survey results in a light, appealing and inspiring way. We draw users in and keep them engaged with a playful design, quiz questions and interactive data visualizations.

The microsite is accessible even from older and slower phones. Through extensive checks, we optimized the microsite as much as possible, to make it run on a wide scale of devices.

The microsite uniquely presents valuable data on shifts in childhood. By turning static survey data into an interactive mobile-first microsite, we ensured that a broader public can learn about today’s challenges young people experience, it fuels public discourse and ultimately strengthens UNICEF’s thought leadership in improving life for all children.

Screencast - https://player.vimeo.com/progressive_redirect/playback/677711866/rendition/1080p?loc=external&signature=8b89ec17a5f75403a76b14b53abea61e89061a0f117e79cd6450736a580f4c12