Martian Mysteries by James Round

Mars has always been a source of marvel. It captivated ancient civilizations, its red hue setting it apart from other points of light in the night sky. Even in recent history, some suggested it was home to alien life, until Mariner 4 got close enough to reveal a lifeless and barren planet. However, in the last few decades the true nature of Mars has begun to emerge. We’ve discovered a place that has substantially changed over time. An environment where water once shaped the landscape and still sits within icy polar regions and deep underground. And a planet where microbial life may have once existed, and perhaps against all odds still does.

Our greatest tools in this journey of discovery are the Mars rovers, a series of robotic vehicles laden with scientific instruments. The latest addition to these intrepid explorers is Perseverance. It will build on the impressive legacy of the previous rovers; seeking new knowledge, searching for evidence of life, and helping to prepare us for a day in the not too distant future when Martian explorers will leave footprints rather than tire tracks.

This infographic provides a comparison of Mars rovers, explores the arrival of Perseverance on Mars, and details its tools and mission objectives.

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