La Guerra dei chip by Il Sole 24 Ore

Lab24, the visual area of Il Sole 24 Ore, has published “La Guerra dei chip”, a longform that explains why semiconductors are the most valuable and disputed piece of technology today, with analysis and charts.
The smartphones we carry in our pockets, the data centers that power the Internet, cars, hypersonic fighter jets and rovers on Mars all share a piece of technology essential to their functioning: semiconductors.
The list could get much longer considering how more than 1000 billion chips are sold in the world every year, about 140 for every person on earth. Between now and the end of the decade, this number is estimated to double, bringing the global value of the sector to 1.4 trillion dollars annually.
Lab24 in this longform explains in detail what they are for, their differences and, through charts, illustrates the distribution of global sales of semiconductors, Moore's Law, the value chain and the market share by type of chip.
In addition, the longform describes and analyzes the geopolitics of semiconductors, imports from China and the role of Europe and Italy.