Data Culture Team Visualization by Amina Brown

Our goal for the Data Culture Team Visualization was to showcase the team in a way that we felt represented the unique personalities and overall culture of the team. Since all of us were included in this visualization, we were positioned in a way to have a keen sense of what we were trying to represent, but we also had to be careful not to get too bogged down in all the wonderful details we know about the team. Our final intention was to prioritize a select few attributes that we think make our team special. The first was the fluid nature of our org structure, meaning that we wanted to avoid building in a natural hierarchy with how everyone was laid out on the page or siloing certain teams (potentially a selfish choice by us studio members, who often operate in a different world). This led us to using a force diagram which randomly positions the members for each viewer. The second priority was to highlight the unique personalities of the team members without taking it too far to discredit their professionalism. Here, we chose to leverage small multiples to showcase a balance of professional experience, personal opinions, and, our personal favorite, the hover feature that reveals a personality picture. The content selected for all the categories was intended to be as inclusive as possible, allowing each team member to share their pronouns, preferred name or nickname, and any personality photo (whether they’re in it or not). Finally, we wanted to highlight the geographic diversity in our team, but without tokenizing anyone. For this choice, we decided to highlight the various time zones rather than the specific countries in which we all live. The final product is a meet the team section that we think is as fun as our team!