Average years of schooling (1940-2015) by Diego Alonso Solla

Communicating complex information in a simple and enjoyable way is an art in and of itself. A few months ago, I decided to create my first data visualization and, after working so hard, with such patience and dedication, it is now finally ready! Here is "Average years of schooling (1940-2015)".

The visualization shows data (for each country) about the average years of schooling in 1940, 1955, 1970, 1985, 2000 and 2015, the political regime at that time and the percentage of the expenditure on education compared to the total government expenditure on all sectors for each country in 2015. In this way, the 22 analysed countries have been arranged in the graph according to their human rights protection score (Y-Axis) and their corruption perception index score (X-Axis) in 2015.

The 22 selected countries have been chosen (for each continent) amongst the 4 countries with a higher GDP per capita (from those countries with the highest population) in 2015.
Several countries that obtained a high score for these variables have been excluded as there was not enough data about them for the above variables.

Creating a data visualization is all about conveying information, informing the reader and addressing them as well as possible. At its core, this project serves as a bridge between people and information.

The most beautiful part of creating this data visualization is all the things I have learned on the way. One of the most fascinating and exciting aspects of this discipline is being involved in the sharing of information between people.