Cirque du Data public event by CLEVER°FRANKE,

Together with the cultural city lab RAUM, we curated an event that engages people with data on different mediums. We devised a concept of ‘circus show’ which created a deeper understanding of the role that data plays in everyday life, while allowing people to explore the exciting potential of data technologies for improving city living. Our circus concept inspired many artists, makers and researchers, as well as the event campaign. Cirque du Data offered installations, data visualizations and a theatrical show that intrigued visitors and let them discover what their ideal data world looks like.

Custom-created projects:

— The Big Data Show

The participants gathered in a circus tent to enjoy a theatrical interpretation of datafication and gained creative perspectives on data technologies. The Show playfully explored the interactions with data to let people express their wishes and concerns.


Combining AI (artificial intelligence) with ML (machine learning), the smart data beast / robot AIML gauges people’s mood in a specific neighborhood on the basis of their data and turns their sentiments into a drawing.

— Data Exposed

Data Exposed harnessed public data about Leidsche Rijn (the host neighbourhood of the entire Cirque du Data event) to create inspiring data visualizations that sparked the interest of residents in data.

— Smart Market

Smart Market is an installation that brought together various creative solutions to empower citizens in the Smart City, while letting them explore a number of sensors, scattered in Utrecht.

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    Creative Direction: Thomas Clever Gert Franke Curators: Donica Buisman and Gert Franke Producers: Larissa Koers, Jesper Groen Communication: Iris Loos and Hanin Ballan Campagne image illustrator: Steffie Padmos The Big Data Show: Director of show: Luca Stappers Text writer of show: Marcel Lenssen Music and VJ of Show: Arjen Dijkstra & Eboman Costumes of show: Roxanne Wilm Actors of show: Eva van der Post, Liza Kollau, Paul van der Laan, Eboman, Esteban van der Wolf, Arjen Dijkstra and Milko Steyvers Aiml: Gert Franke, Thomas Clever, Jelle Reith, Ibo Ibelings, Jonas Groot Kormelink, Mark Mooij, Bruno Jakic Sensor Lab expo: Loes Sloëtjes, Jooyoung Park, Daan Rongen, Wouter van Dijk and Gert Franke Data Exposed: Karin Schwandt, Steffie Padmos, and Gert Franke And including work of: Gosse de Korte, RNDR, Dries Depoorter, Rob & Robin
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