Data Obscura by Signal Noise

At a time where the internet continues to distort our perception of truth, our trust in the content we consume online is diminishing. Data Obscura is our response to this current and pressing quest for truth. Multiple filters are applied to the information that we see: algorithms distil a world of opinions to give us a distinct view of events, and authenticity is becoming an increasingly scarce commodity.

Over the last five years, at Signal Noise (data agency forming part of The Economist Group), we have curated self-initiated exhibitions which aim to explore themes, relevant not only to our peers, but also to the general public.

In June 2018, we explored the relationship between data and truth through a four-day ‘Data Obscura’ exhibition, launching with a panel event chaired by The Economist’s senior editor, Kenneth Cukier – which asked whether transparency and truth should be the ultimate aim online, and how much is ‘true enough’?

The eight projects ranged from data-driven storytelling, to design concepts for future digital products and services. We explored filter bubbles, algorithms, social media movements, fake news, or just plain old-fashioned not wanting to see counter-arguments. These are factors with the ability to refract, obscure, and challenge what we see, what we hear, and - ultimately - what we believe.

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    Ben Willers, ECHOES OF PIFFLE Chris Brown & Christian Thümer, WIKI.BS Davey Pieter van der Woert, THE ECHOSYSTEM Christian Laesser, LOOKI Christina Noonan & Matthew Falla, BROCLI Lucia Kocincova & Valentina D’Efilippo, METOOMENTUM Matthew Rowett, BLIND FAITH Zdenek Hynek, Piero Zagami, Paul Button & Anna Dziubińska, ENGAGED & OUTRAGED Oliver Todd, Hem Patel, BRANDING
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