Where The Special Waste Products In Your Home Have Gone by Zhiwei Data

In July 2019, Shanghai, China officially implemented waste sorting. According to the Zhiwei data, the impact index of the event was as high as 80.6, which caused concern in China. But do you know where some of the special waste products in your home have gone? If you delve into it, you will find that household waste can produce a variety of great resources available through recycling.

This work uses a graphical way to illustrate the process of household waste recycling and its regeneration products, and to graphically display household waste recycling. There are five main categories: home appliances/food waste/clothing/paper/plastic, with simulations related The scene, a better understanding of the source of waste products, is designed to hope that each family can subconsciously collect and dispose of these waste products and make good use of them, realize the value of waste products, and save more favorable resources.