Exoflags by Arup

Exoflags is a system that generates flags for newly discovered planets by using data collected about them.
To date, NASA and Caltech’s exoplanet archive contains data on 4,044 confirmed planets beyond our own solar system.
Exoflags seeks to inspire wonder and insight in each new discovery by giving a little piece of identity, rooted in the planet’s data, to encourage a wider audience to learn more about the exciting new discoveries at the frontier of planetary exploration.
Exoflags is a dynamic data visualisation tool where information can be updated continuously. New flags and data metrics on the Exoflags site get populated as soon as new data arrives, making each discovery come to life instantly.

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    Daragh Anderson - Design / Art Direction; Simona Ciocoiu - Research; Aifric Delahunty - Database & Calculations; Katie Dobberstein - Research; Arina Fjodorova - UI/UX Design; Sam Riches - Copy Editor; Rory Sedgwick - Front End Development; Tom Valorsa - Front End Development; Alexis Wilkinson-Dafoe - Front End Development;
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