ISRO Since Aryabhatta by National Institute of Design

India has launched more than 90 spacecrafts since its maiden satellite launch Aryabhatta in 1975.

The nation's space research activities are controlled by state-owned Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) ranked 6th in the world in the space race. In February 2017, ISRO has created a new record by launching 104 satellites in one go. Out of these 104 satellites, only 3 of these were Indian Satellites.

During the last three decades, Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has made significant and commendable progress in various space arena like re-mote sensing, communication and navigational sectors.
India also has a unique distinction of having one of the most cost-effective and successful deep space programme.

This project aims to showcase Indian Space Research Organisation journey since 1975 to 2018. It seeks to inform the reader about the :
Mission Name
Year of Launch
No.of Launches in a years
Application of Satellites carried by Launcher.
Successful / Failed Mission
Destination ( ORBIT )

The Visualisation also highlights the trends in the applications of the satellites sent during missions through the years : in the initial years more satellites with the purpose of Exploration were sent then later communication to navigation satellites and earth observation satellites.

The intent of the data visualisation is to encourage young minds and generate curiosity and pride among people about ISRO’s many achievements!

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