Silicon Age [硅基时代] by Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts

Silicon-based civilization is already integrated into people's lives. Carbon-based civilization is the culture formed by organisms, while silicon-based civilization is driven mainly by data, which is the cultural basis of credibility. Through investigation and prediction, we can predict that people are on the road from carbon-based civilization to silicon-based civilization, and data will play a more and more important role in our life and work.

Through the information visualization design of the search volume of data-based news in mobile segment and PC terminal in major areas of China, this work objectively reflects the user's awareness of data in the six aspects of economics, military, medical, cultural, scientific / technological, and sports, and completes people's entry into the Silicon-based era based on questionnaires. It is the visual expression of attitude.

硅基文明正在不可避免的融入人们的生活。 碳基文明是有机体形成的文化,而硅基文明则是以数据为主要推动力,即以数据为崇高可信度的文化基础。经过调研预测我们可以大胆预测,人们正走在碳基文明向硅基文明发展的道路上,数据将越来越在我们生活和工作中起到至关重要的作用。


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