K-Pop "Fire" The World by National University of Singapore

Do you know K-pop? Did you hear about BTS? You should have heard about them, or you may be regarded as out of date.
Korean pop culture, known as K-pop, is a genre of popular music originating in South Korea. It started in the early 90s, developed different kinds of styles, and is now a big trend. K-pop has become increasingly visible to global audiences, and thousands of fans all over the world are crazy about their idols. For example, the famous artists Psy and BTS. In 2012, Psy and Gangnam Style swept across the world. The official videos of Gangnam Style on YouTube had well over three billion views, the largest number of hits of any video at that time. It shows a big step of K-pop from Korea to the world. Then, the success of BTS pushed the K-pop to the next level. They had the best-selling album in Korean history, broke numerous sales records, and received many awards and honors, even a Guinness World Record. BTS is now taking over the world.
Taking stock of all these changes and paradoxes, we might be able to extrapolate a bit about what the future of K-pop looks like: even more diverse, international, and crazy. It’s something that's really changing South Korea, even changing the culture of the world.

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