High Street Split by iProspect

A digital PR campaign for Together Money. With three in four Brits saying it’s important to support shops on their local high street, but a worrying economic climate leading to national brands favouring an online presence, we wanted to discover what the UK high street actually looks like in 2019 and how that differs by location. To find out, we analysed a sample of 6,682 businesses across 120 high streets from towns in all 12 regions of England, as well as Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. We categorised businesses and shops by their function (for example, food and drink, retail or recreational) to understand just how our high streets are made up. We used the data to show what type of businesses make up the average UK high street and also split out the results by region (vital for regional press coverage). We ranked the best areas for positive businesses such as Cafes and Retail, and the worst areas for what can be viewed as negative factors – pawn brokers, fast food and gambling shops. Finally, by noting which businesses on high streets are either independently owned or part of a chain, we were able to show which regions in the UK had the most and least independent businesses.