One Great Road by Aleksey Novichkov

Any visualization is a Rorschach test with each viewer seeing something different. Although the era of geographic discoveries is long gone, each of us can still become an explorer via automatically generated maps. This project allows people to ask their own questions and find answers. It’s a way for viewers to become co-authors of the visualization by offering their own interpretation.

For example, the map offers a glimpse of the future world, where borders do not limit curiosity, and bureaucratic formalities do not interfere with travel. Thanks to the map, you can imagine a world without barriers.

In addition, the map allows you to better understand how unevenly the planet is populated. Land roads intertwine in tight tangles in cities and become less noticeable in desert areas.

Finally, you can use the map as a game: just try to find your city, street or courtyard without any textual keys. To navigate only by freeways, junctions, and transportation hubs you need some advanced skills!