Image of my city (Palettes of Hyderabad: Mapping Two Decades by Nid

When I close my eyes and visualize Hyderabad,
what emerges in my mind's eye?
Which landmarks, streets, or corners resonate with my memories?
What sights, sounds, and emotions epitomise the essence of this vibrant city in Telangana, India?

As I contemplate these questions, I realize that both my solitary and shared experiences shape this mental tapestry. Through two decades of exploration, what, then, is the true portrait of my city that lives within me?

Hyderabad, the pearl city of Telangana, India, offers an intricate blend of ancient heritage and modern vibrancy. Its monuments, bazaars, cuisines, and diverse populace have enriched my experiences throughout these 20 years.

As a designer, my map not only traces the physical paths I've taken but also dives deep into the emotional terrains, revealing how the heart and mind perceive the city differently based on the company one keeps. This project is an ode to Hyderabad and my ever-evolving relationship with it.